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The HASTE framework

The HASTE framework
The AIpocalypse (image generated by the author w/ DALLE)

As an ML engineer, I have mixed feelings about the current generative AI hype. On the one hand, I recognise the potential of genAI. But I've also been an ML engineer long enough to remember the hype around big data–and how it fell short on most metrics tech marketeers claimed would be impacted by the technology.

Whatever the outcome, as always the main beneficiaries of generative AI will be the companies building genAI products–not the users. Microsofts' latest earnings call was all about generative AI. And OpenAI's Sam Altman is playing around with an–by his own estimation–7 trillion USD startup idea. Fun times.

In order to help the you navigate the generative AI landscape amid a 500% YoY increase in AI marketing spend, I put together a simple framework that you can use to filter AI marketing claims and find the most valuable AI tools for you. It is based on my experience as a ML engineer, and consists of five criteria:

  • Healthy: will the AI tool be beneficial for your health and wellbeing? does it take into consideration and support mental and physical wellbeing through habits and usage patterns?
  • Adaptable: can the tool output be customised enough to allow you to create stand-out work? will it fit all use cases and applications you have in mind?
  • Safe: does the AI tool take data security and privacy seriously? Does it have an opt-out on personal data collection?
  • Transformative: will the tool give you superpowers? Will it make your life better? will it give a good return on effort and investment?
  • Enjoyable: is the AI tool fun and easy to use? will you enjoy using it enough to share the tool with others? is there a steep learning curve?

The framework is discussed in more detail in this YouTube video:

How to find the best AI tools

To make things even more easy, I've launched a custom GPT that applies the HASTE framework to help you look for AI tools:

HASTE Travel Agent

Let me know what you think in the comments section!