Why is this publication called denominations?

In life and science one of the great eternal struggles is finding the right common denominator. Simplicity and theoretical elegance usually follow. I am looking to do just that in this newsletter—denominate common themes in our lives, and frame them in novel ways.

What is "personal AI"?

I use the moniker "personal AI" as an umbrella term for all artificial intelligence applications that directly impact our public and private lives. I don't like the term "consumer", so I am using "personal" instead–the idea being that the use of these applications should be based on personal choice, rather than other mechanisms.

And "human AI"?

Broadly defined, any AI application that improves human wellbeing. Examples include AI applications used by NGOs to prevent or combat famines, ML forecasts that help governments plan adequate housing permits for the population, and AI assistants that help us in our role as de facto caretakers of the planet.

The difference with personal AI being that human AI applications tend to be non-negotiable, limited only by resource constraints and public appetite.